Sunday, October 24, 2010

Here's a short reel of the Motion Graphics work I've done for Nick and Nick Jr.

Heidi Sullivan, Zach Decktor & Matt Witham were part of the great team I worked with on this project!
(Among other great artists and designers)

I animated a bunch of this video, most notably the fight scene on the (7) Train platform, and the Tetris and Snake games playing on the buildings.

-Voted "Top 5 music videos of 2010 by Rolling Stone."
-Voted #6 of the best Music videos of 2010 by

Alisa Stern, Peter Ahern, Matt Witham & Will Krause were the amazing team I worked with on this project!

I helped construct the sets and props, and also puppeteered a majority of the main character, and various other puppets throughout the video.